center for orthopedic 
and sport injuries

Jure Franko, Olympic medal winner
“I trusted Dr. Hussein because I know Artros already from our business cooperation, but mostly because of recommendations and experiences of other patients.”
Saša Golob, athlete
» I trusted Dr. Mikek completely. I liked the fact that he took the time to explain to me the complete process of the operative treatment and rehabilitation. «
Aljaž Sedej, judoist
»I decided for the treatment at Artros center because I heard that Dr. Mikek is a great orthopedist. Now I am convinced that he really is.”
Muhamed Baltić, professional athlete, taekwondo
»I decided for knee injury treatment in the Artros center on recommendation of my physiatrist. Because I was satisfied with the services, after a year I visited again, this time because of shoulder injury.

We are a private orthopedic center, specialized for treatment of musculoskeletal system injuries and disorders. We excel in professionalism, devotion to our patients and the most modern technological equipment of the center. In our clinic, we assure specialized clinical consultations, comprehensive diagnostics, different types of conservative treatment, arthroscopic surgical procedures, and rehabilitation with physical therapy.

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