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Jure Franko, Olympic medal winner

Jure Franko, Olympic medal winner


The end of knee pain

In spite of the fact that already for 30 years he is not a professional athlete, Jure Franko will forever remain in our history the winner of the first Slovene and Yugoslavian medal on the legendary winter 1984 Olympics in Sarajevo. Although his sports career ended because of wear and tear of hip joints, this year he visited Artros because of knee pain.

"Everything began last year in May when after playing tennis my left knee got swollen. Because of continued pain and limited range of motion after all sports activities and when also physiotherapy did not resolve my problems, I decided for the magnetic resonance imaging," Jure remembers dealing with pain for almost a year. He was diagnosed with the rupture of the medial meniscus. The arthroscopy was inevitable. It was performed by Dr. Hussein. First, the resection of the injured part of the meniscus was performed, after that also the resection of the inflamed plica, which occasionally caused problems to our former skier.

Recovery after the operation was without complications. Jure is convinced that everything went well also because of cooling the knee with a special device, which his company sells. “A device with the help of which we can constantly control the temperature of cooling accelerates the process of healing and reduces swelling and pain. Because of this device I did not need any painkillers,” explained the Olympian who has as a former athlete a lot of experience with injuries.

At the moment Jure is in the phase of rehabilitation. He does the exercises according to the instructions of our physiotherapist by himself. He says that the exercises are so simple that we should do them regularly as a precaution, but at the same time he admits that they are a bit monotonous. “But not doing these exercises would mean paying a higher price as it is of a regular practice,” he says, laughing. And he concludes: “I think that my knee is very close to the complete recovery because I have that feeling that I could sprint. That is why I think that my tennis partners will soon start to suffer again…”

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