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Aljaž Sedej, judoist

Aljaž Sedej, judoist


Elbow rescue in kimono

“What is going to happen to my sports career?” was the first question full of concern of Aljaž Sedej, when he visited Artros center in 2010 and found out his diagnosis: luxation of the right elbow and lesion of the ulnar collateral ligament. The injury occurred on the 2010 European Judo Championship in Vienna. In the match for the qualification in the semi-finals his arm got tangled up in the opponent’s kimono, and he could not save it from injury in time.

He visited Dr. Mikek on the recommendation of his former physiotherapist, and the doctor soon and reassured him. A thorough examination, magnetic resonance imaging and x-ray showed that an immediate elbow arthroscopy is not necessary. Dr. Mikek performed it three years later with the knee arthroscopy which Aljaž injured right before the last Olympics in London. However, Aljaž could not avoid a few-week absence from trainings and matches. The treatment of the injury and healing of the ligament required that the elbow rested in the four-point orthosis. “In that period I was in my best shape and I knew that I had chances to achieve great results, and then the injury occurred and stopped me. That was the hardest part to accept,” says the judoist sincerely. “Every top sportsman knows how fast after a longer absence from trainings the body loses the habit of training process, and how difficult it is to re-achieve a good shape.”

Luckily, the rehabilitation which Aljaž underwent in the center Artros Reha was without complications, and according to his experiences on a very high level. After a few-weeks break from sports activities he gradually started to intensify his trainings, and six months after the injury he could load the elbow just like before the injury occurred. In spite of the fact that after trainings when he is tired he still feels pain he does not concern himself with injuries because they can occur every time he steps on the judo mat. “My biggest fear is that on the mat I could not show everything I am capable of.” Aljaž stays positive and in this moment he is getting ready for the qualifications for the Olympics of 2016.

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