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Muhamed Baltić, professional athlete, taekwondo

Muhamed Baltić, professional athlete, taekwondo


The fight with pain 

Muhamed Baltić, professional athlete, two times European and world champion in taekwondo and the coach of the Slovenian national team, all of his life he suffered almost no injury. Suddenly in one year he was injured two times, the injuries required surgery and a few-months rehabilitation. In 2010 Dr. Mohsen Hussein firstly performed cruciate ligament surgery, a year after that, rupture of tendons of the rotator cuff required arthroscopy which was performed by Dr. Martin Mikek. 

“Both injuries occurred during a fight. Right knee injury occurred in flip jump, right shoulder injury was a consequence of a strike during a fight,” Muhamed unpleasantly recalls these injuries. He also adds that in this sport these two joints are the most loaded ones and for this reason also the most exposed for injuries. When the first injury occurred, the one of the knee, Muhamed chose Artros center on recommendation of his friend, physiatrist. After the magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) it was clear that the surgical treatment, the reconstruction of the anterior cruciate ligament will be necessary; the surgery was later performed by Dr. Hussein. At the same time MRI and the surgery revealed also that Muhamed already had alterations on the cartilage. This injury was later successfully treated with the Orthokine method. Knee surgery was performed without complications as the rehabilitation process, and after six months the knee was fully ready.

Unfortunately the misfortune did not sleep and in 2011 our successful athlete returned to Artros center with a new injury. During training in preparation for a competition two tendons of the rotator cuff tore. Dr. Mikek, who performed the surgery, estimated that it was a serious injury, and surgery was successful. “We performed arthroscopy with the suture of damaged tendons. The routine surgery was successful, Mr. Baltić recovered very well after surgery and after four months he began to train again. He regained the normal function of the shoulder with the surgery, and despite the seriousness of the injury, today he feels no consequences, and he can practice taekwondo with no limitations,” says Dr. Mikek, who was pleased with the surgery result.

Muhamed, to who taekwondo represents the way of life, confesses that traumatic experiences produced a fear of new injuries and that right after rehabilitation he almost with a heavy heart stepped on the podium again. However, today he is in great shape. This August he won in the fifth day the 2nd place on the Veteran Taekwon-do World Championship in Tajikistan in the category gold, black belt. Now he is getting ready for the European championship of 2015 in Italy.


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