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Where are we

Ljubljana Orthopedic center 

Our center in Ljubljana is located at the address Tehnološki park 21.

The easiest way to get to us is to take the bypass.  

If you are arriving from the northern Ljubljana bypass, from direction of Štajerska region, take the exit Lj. Brdo, Lj. Vrhovci, ZOO, Hotel. Drive straight through the first and the second traffic lights and then turn right on the next intersection.

If you are taking the southern Ljubljana bypass, from directions of Dolenjska and Primorska regions, take the exit Lj. Brdo, Lj. Vrhovci, ZOO, Hotel, at the intersection turn right and then go straight on the first intersection with traffic lights and on the second one turn right and you arrive to Tehnološki park. 

From the city center you can reach us by taking Cesta na Brdo, when you reach the company Kemofarmacija turn right and then after few hundred meters turn left. 

The nearest bus stop is PREVAL, No. 330, which can be reached by the bus No. 14 VRHOVCI. In front of the Kemofarmacija company you turn left and after few hundred meters you get to Tehnološki park.


Novo mesto clinic 

Our clinic in Novo mesto is situated at the premises of the health center at the address Kandijska cesta 4, Novo mesto. The entrance in our clinic is form the backside of the Health Centre, next to the IR entrance. From the main entrance of the Health Centre, you can reach us by taking the main staircase going downstairs. 

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Tehnološki park 21, Building D, 3. floor, 1000 Ljubljana

Telephone: 00386 1 518 70 63 and 00386 1 518 70 64

Fax: 00386 1 510 2342




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