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Knee injury

Knee injury

Knee joint is one of the most loaded joints. Its complex anatomy allows a wide range of flexibility while providing stability of the joint in various postures and loads. Injuries most commonly occur in uncontrolled movements in combination with current overload. Such events can end in meniscus injury, rupture of any of the knee ligaments or cartilage defect.

Some injuries such as overstretched peripheral ligaments, small cartilage defects or overloaded inflammation of patella ligament and ligaments of quadriceps muscles can be treated conservatively with rest and appropriate rehabilitation program.

Meniscus failure and rupture of the anterior or posterior cruciate ligament require operative treatment. Modern arthroscopic surgical techniques allow a minimally invasive treatment of such injuries, which has an important impact on the recovery duration and also on the final functional outcome of the therapy. In our center, we were one of the first that introduced anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction with double-bond, with which we get closer to the anatomy of a healthy cruciate ligament, and in this way we, besides stability in the front direction, assure  also a good rotational stability of the knee. We are also the only private center in Slovenia, registered for the implementation of reconstruction procedures of ligaments with tissue transplant. The advantage of using transplants is remarkable, since there is no need for the removal of the patient's own tendon in reconstruction surgery and we maintain the thigh muscles and tendons, which after the surgery allows much faster and less painful recovery.


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