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Shoulder pain

Shoulder pain

Shoulder pain can be cause of injury or disease. The last are associated primarily with degenerative changes. Most often the injury or degenerative defects occur in the rotator cuff tendons. Typically, these problems begin to emerge after 40 years of age. Certain conditions such as calcific tendinitis (calcinations in the shoulder), shoulder impingement syndrome (degenerative rotator cuff tendons inflammation), or inflammation of the biceps tendon, can be treated conservatively in the early stages of physical therapy, activity modification and anti-inflammatory drugs prescription. Severe problems, especially torn tendons of the rotator cuff, require surgery. With arthroscopic techniques, we can in many cases anatomically reconstruct the rupture of the rotator cuff tendon, and in this way fully restore the function of the joint. Minimal invasiveness of these procedures enables clinical execution and reduces the risk of excessive postoperative scarring, maintains the integrity of the muscle and due to reduced pain significantly facilitates early postoperative recovery. As the first ones, we introduced in our center, the arthroscopic transosseus rotator cuff repair.

This is the latest technology of shoulder tendon tear repair, where the attachment of the tendons to the bone's attaching area is accomplished without anchors (artificial implants that are holding the stitch in the bone) with a special technique of stitching through the bone. In this way, we avoid any adverse impact of anchors such as a disruption of blood circulation in the bone and the tendon, bone dissolution around the anchor, and risk of anchor migration. We also provide a biological interface between the bone and the tendon, which accelerates bone increment of the tendon.


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