center for orthopedic 
and sport injuries


Price list

Clinical consultation:
Clinical consultation-first visit 80 EUR
Clinical consultation-follow-up 50 EUR
Intra-articular corticosteroid injection 40 EUR
Intra-articular injection od Hyaluronic acid (each injection) 100 EUR
Intra-articular injection od Hyaluronic acid"1-shot" 450 EUR
Intra-articular treatment with PRP (Orthokine) 1200 EUR


Diagnostic Ultrasound examination (first region of joint) 60 EUR
Diagnostic Ultrasound examination (every next region or joint) 40 EUR
Clinical consultation with Ultrasound 100 EUR
Digital X-ray (each exposure) 35 EUR
Digital X-ray with interpretation (each exposure) 41 EUR
MRI investigation (knee, elbow, shoulder, wrist, ankle or foot) 250 EUR


Surgical procedure:  
Knee arthroscopy under local anesthesia 1400 EUR
Knee arthroscopy under general anesthesia 1700 EUR
Arthroscopic knee synovectomy 3000 EUR
Knee anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction 1800 - 4500 EUR
Elbow arthroscopy 1800 EUR
Ankle arthroscopy 1800 EUR
Shoulder arthroscopy 3500 EUR
Arthroscopic shoulder stabilisation 3900 EUR
Correction of the foot toe deformities (each toe) 1200 - 1500 EUR
Carpal tunnel release under lovcal anesthesia 950 EUR
Dupuytren's contracture surgery under local anesthesia 950 EUR
Dupuytren's contracture surgery under general anesthesia 1150 EUR
Trigger finger release surgery under local anesthesia 600 EUR

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